JAN 12, 2015

Deepika Roy - 26 yrs, Katni

I was under infertility treatment for a long time. Finally, I delieverd a healthy baby. Thanks to Sun Hospital

JAN 19, 2015

Puspalata Khuntia - 45 yrs

I had severe pain in abdomen and did my lap histectomy and cholecystectomy in sun hospital. Now I am completely healthy

JAN 31, 2015

Roja Pattnaik - 25 yrs, Balarampur

I had delivered a safe baby in this hospital under Dr. Dipak Mitra in spite of my complications. Thanks to Dr. Dipak Mitra

FEB 03, 2015

Mrs. Minati Majhi - 41yrs

I had severe bleeding since 1 yr and consulted other doctors but there is no development. Finally I came to Sun Hospital and now I am healthy.

FEB 04, 2015

Mr. Satyakinkr Acharya - 45 yrs, Jharkhand

I had came from Jharkhand to treat myself under Dr. Sanatan Rath and I am very much satisfied in his treatment and all other facilities of Sun Hospital

FEB 08, 2015

Mr. Ramesh Chandra Tarai - 50 yrs, Cuttack

I had complications of COPD, HTN, DM. I am under the treatment of Dr.Manoranjan Pattanik and I am very much satisfied with his treatment and the facilities of Sun Hospital

FEB 09, 2015

Mr. Saroj Kumar Mulia - 44 yrs, Cuttack

I have DM, CRF, COPD and I am under the treatment of Dr. R.N. Sahoo at Sun hospital. I am very satisfied with treatment and cost affordability and also with the service provided here.

FEB 10, 2015

Mrs. Sreema Sarita Satpathy - 28 yrs, Jajpur

I had complicated pregnancya and all other hospitals refused me but in Sun Hospital, Cuttack I delivered a girl child safely under Dr. Dipka mitra and Dr. Vinita Sawhney Thanks to Sun Hospital.

FEB 11, 2015

Mrs. Irani Das - 51 yrs, Jagatsighpur

I had severe bleeding with enlarged uterus and I was operated under Dr. Dipak Mitra at Sun Hospital I am satisfied with the service and the treatment provided here.

FEB 18, 2015

Mrs. Jyotsna Nayak - 78 yrs, Cuttack

I had a lot of problems like Hypertension, Intestinal Obstruction etc. I was under the treatment of Dr. Tadit Prasad Mohanty and was operated under a very good surgical team of Sun Hospital. Now I am completely healthy.

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